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About Us (Or why we make the best squashwear)

Squash Design has been active as a quality provider of performance squash apparel since 1993. Squash Design was founded by Rich Walton, an active teaching squash pro settled  in Italy. His vision was to create a brand focused on strictly on the needs of squash player – while supporting the growth of squash internationally.  Over the years other squash fanatics worldwide have contribute to develop and grow the brand.

We Love this Game

As any squash players will tell you – squash can be very addicting. When we are not only worrying  about the day to day operations of managing a specialized technical line, you will find us on the court – playing – and testing the line.  Everyone connected Squash Design is a certified “squashnut.”

Because we played so much we learned a few things about the needs of squash players. We knew that squash clothing had to be light, handle moisture well, keep the player cool, comfortable and most of all stand up to lots of wear from playing and washing.

We felt that we didn’t want to sell any apparel that didn’t meet our own rigorous playing tests.

It’s one of the reasons you see us testing our clothing each year when it comes in from the manufacturer. We play test products throughout the year – prototyping and testing various fabrics, and garments – comparing them against many of the “other” choices out there.


We are Fanatics about Quality

There are a lot of steps each year that go into making our collection. Although each step serves a specific purpose, all of the steps collectively ensure we make the best clothing possible.

We start with a design that is functional and looks great.

Annually we shop for the most technical functional yarns – this is really what brings the performance to the garments. We make our choices on fabric construction and weave based on the yarn selection, balancing performance with comfort.

We choose long lasting dye and work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure top quality assembly and finishing.

Everything we do is based on our experience in playing the game and what we expect from top quality squash apparel.

Squash gear has to last a whole season and still look good at the end of it. Ours does.


We Believe in Supporting the Squash Community

We’re a small company, focused on quality squash apparel, so we have to be very focused with our sponsorship and support.

We’re proud to be the official supplier of US Squash but we made a decision very early on in the company history that the best place for us to show our commitment to the game was at the club level.

Supporting a local tournament or league or ladder or a club pro is one of our favorite things to do and nothing makes our day like when the pro from the club in Henderson, Nevada or Woodland, California calls us to ask if we can get involved in their upcoming club championships. No event is too small – we assist anyway we can to help squash grow.

We feel the future of our great sport lies in the hands of the juniors who pick up this sport instead of golf or tennis and we are behind them 100%.  Even though top players like Paul Johnson, John White and the Grinham sisters have supported our brand, we really put our efforts into the local scene.



We hope you find what you need on our site. We’ve also made every effort to provide a simple, easy shopping experience for you. We think that’s important for squash players too. – See more at: http://squashdesign.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4#sthash.wImHP1a5.dpuf

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