Growth in the U.S.

Growth in the U.S.

Squash in the U.S. has experienced impressive growth. With an stable base of schools and private clubs, and dedicated commercial facilities, coupled with a large and affluent population, the landscape was fertile.

The United States is also largely through the difficult  decades-long transition from the hardball to the softball game, and the community is now buoyed by the addition engagement by players to increase access to squash in the form of the urban squash movement.

At US Squash, governance changes were implemented in 2007, reducing the size of the Board of Directors, and clarifying roles and responsibilities. A strategic plan was developed with input from the entire community, and a focus on participation, awareness and competitiveness emerged. More recently sportsmanship has been a focus of the Board, and viewed as strategically important to the sport.

The strategic plan and overall approach is rooted in Jim Collins’ Good to Great, and the addendum for the social sectors. Having evaluated hundreds of organizations, he distills what the greatest, most enduring had in common, including great leadership; getting the right people on board and only then forming a strategy, face the brutal facts and determining what the organization is best at, being disciplined, and accelerating progress with technology.

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